April is my preseason and Shred Day Two

by - Wednesday, April 08, 2009

As I've been mulling over running plans and races and thinking about training that will incorporate strength and yoga and running as I prep for the Virginia Beach Half Marathon, I've decided to proclaim April my pre-season.

In team sports, pre-season is the time for focusing on fitness and strength, building a solid base to carry you through the regular season.

So to make April the best preseason possible, I will be focusing more intently on increasing strength (mainly through the Shred), increasing flexibility (with yoga) and maintaining a solid running base. 

I will run more when I want to (a few times a week) with less focus on forcing myself out the door for a specific type of training run. Not to say my runs won't have purpose, but it won't be a specific run on a specific day. It will be more based on what I'm feeling.

At the end of the month I'll be ready to dive into half marathon training. 

(The reason I'm starting my half marathon training so early is because BF decided to do the race too and I want us to both start training at the same time so that there's an extra layer of support and encouragement for both of us. For BF's pre-season he's running three times a week going two to three miles. Our training plans won't be the same. His will focus more on finishing the race. Mine will focus more on time improvement.) 

As for Day Two of the Shred, I ended up using water bottles as many of you suggested for my weights. They worked well and were heavy. I used big one liter bottles for added weight. The only down side was they were harder to hold in my hands.

Day Two was more challenging because my muscles were fatigued. So I may end up staying with Level One a few extra days if the muscle fatigue is still present at the end of the week.

I'm making the dreaded trip to the DMV today to get a Maryland license and get my registration changed. Please kill me now.

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Very cool that BF is doing the HM too.

    Try not to lose your sanity dealing with the DMV. :-)

  2. watch out for the DMV. it's a leper colony down there.

    Great job talking BF into doing the half with you. he'll love it!

    try working some bike time into your preseason. the muscle balance it will give you will make you a faster and more stable runner. also, since it's non-impact it will really help the knee out. biking is the best thing i've done this year to supplement the running!

  3. Running pre-season...excellent! Should set you up well for training for the half.

    Good luck with the DMV...always an adventure!

  4. seriously that shred is tough, I couldn't do it daily!

    yeahhh for training!!

  5. My mom just switched the title of the car I drive from her name to mine - and in order to do that the DMV needed a current address for me so my mom gave them the one for the rental house I live in now. I got a letter in the mail saying my license now needs to be updated to reflect my current address. I'm moving in six weeks!

  6. Ugh, the DMV is never fun. Best of luck.

    Preseason April sounds like a great idea, and that's cool that your BF is going to train and race with you for Virginia Beach!

  7. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Your pre-season plan sounds great. Sometimes you need to back off on the running training more from a mental standpoint than anything. Then you'll be ready to go in May! Good luck and I hope you survive the DMV.

  8. Anonymous12:20 PM

    I hate going to the DMV, however NC isn't that bad, much better than RI. I love the idea of preseason.

  9. great plan!!! so fun the BF is going to run too :)

  10. Good luck with the guberment :-) Sounds like a great plan to kick off/continue your year!!

  11. i'm bad with plans. and jealous when people can follow theirs. good luck. ;)

  12. sounds like a good plan, love the 'preseason' idea. hopefully having the bf as a training partner will help enforce accountability and dedication as well. glad you survived the dmv too!

  13. Yay for training with the BF! :)

  14. that is so great that you BF is running with you!! That will make it so much easier to stick to!