Speedy run with the BF

by - Friday, April 17, 2009

Normally I don't run with the BF ever. He's a 6'5" giant with insanely long legs so there's pretty much no way I, with my 5'6" normal-length legs, can keep up with him on runs of any sizable distance. But since he had a short two miler on his schedule for last night, I wanted to try to go out and see if I could keep up with him.

We did my normal out and back route by my house with lots of hills. I was thinking maybe the hills would slow him down a little bit because there aren't too many by his house where he normally runs. I'm not sure if the hills were the reason I was able to hang with him the whole time (and even finish before him by a step or two) or if it was my competitive streak not wanting to be left in the dust, but I somehow managed to do it.

We ran 2.32 miles in 21:00, that's about a nine minute mile. Speedy for me, pretty much par for the course for the BF.

It felt good to get some speedy running in even though I hated it while I was doing it. Afterward though I felt like I had accomplished something because if I can do Level 2 of Jillian and then go keep up with BF and crank out some speedy miles, it's a pretty good day in my book.

Also, I have officially turned BF into a running nerd. As soon as we got home he was all about going inside and mapping it out on MapMyRun to get the exact distance. Then when we were getting ready to walk over to the grocery store for dinner he changed out of his running shoes and his running socks and I was like um you don't have to change your socks. He said something along the lines of "These socks are only for running. They're too good for my crappy shoes."

(Edit: I stand corrected. BF pointed out his exact quote was "These socks aren't compatible with my old shoes.")

Apparently I also made him a sock snob. Mwahaha!

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  1. I've run with my brother and guy friends who have legs that are twice the length of mine, and I'm always like "Not fair! You take one step and I take two!" But I feel extra speedy when I can keep up with them. :) Such a good feeling!

    Haha running sock snob...awesome.

  2. Hahaha! When me and my boyfriend run together he always kicks my butt in the shorter distance but I have way more endurance!

    I could never do the 30-day shred and then run right after!! I usually do the DVD in the mornings and run in the evenings. Give my legs a LONNNG break! Haha

  3. Hahaha! You totally SPANKED the BF, and he's loving it!

    But of course. What's not to like?

    Good job on the run, sister!

  4. Good, good...another victim of Runner's Obsession. I'm going to rock in my chair with fingers pitched to a tent and laugh maniacally for awhile now.

  5. Jillian and an awesome run - that's a fantastic day! Nice job!

    I try to run with my hubbie but he always takes off in the first mile. Luckily he can't keep the speed too long and I end up passing him before he knows it:)

  6. Breakthroughs require being uncomfortable! and what a great person to share a speedy run with! Now, who exactly is corrupting who here? :-)

  7. speed is fun, but crack kills. glad you enjoyed it.

  8. I won't race boys for anything less than a 5k. :o)

  9. It's GOOD to run with your BF. Maybe you can run with him on his "recovery" or "easy" runs. Maybe you can bike together and be more compatible with pace. I do think doing fitness activities together is healthy for a relationship.

  10. lol about the socks. great run! a good, (competitive) run with a dude is good sometimes. you would have left him in the dust had it not been for jillian for sure :)

  11. Hahahahha. Turning him over to the dark side...

  12. Too funny about the socks!!! Great job on the run, it's nice that the BF and you have that in common!