Eating FAIL

by - Friday, May 29, 2009

Wednesday night I got the unfortunate news that one of my roommates is moving out when our lease is up in August. Sad because she's fun, but not super stressful in and of itself. What's stressful is the timing.

See we just got a letter from our leasing office saying we have until the end of June to decide if we're staying or not. Since one of us is moving out at the end, we either have to find a replacement by June so we can tell them we're staying, we can move out, or we can tell them we're staying without a replacement and run the risk we don't find one and then two of us have to pay the rent instead of three.


Needless to say, yesterday was a stressful day of trying to work it all out. And what did I do to make myself feel better.

Stuff my face with chocolate. True life. I hit the office candy jar way too many times. Then I had some chocolate pudding and a brownie when I got home from work. I felt (and kind of still feel) like a fatty.

Seriously, I think the last time I stress ate like that was during finals time in college. Oy being a choc-o-holic the day after dinner at Fuddruckers. Bad timing with the bad food choices. Shame on me.

Oh well, it's life. It happens. Today I'm eating like a normal person in hopes that my blood sugar will calm down. Cereal and toast for breaky and then my turkey sandwich and an apple for lunch.

Anywho, nothing else fabulous to report. My weekend so far is a blank slate and I'm loving the idea of not having any plans yet.

Happy Friday!

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  1. bummer about your roommate leaving. best wishes finding a replacement so that you don't have to move or risk a higher portion of the rent

  2. Hope you get the roommate thing sorted out in a timely manner. June hasn't yet begun, so a full month to decide should be enough time.

  3. That sucks! I hope you get it all sorted out soon!

  4. Falling off the wagon every once in a while is fun. It keeps us sane. Good luck with the room mate situation.

  5. Shame is over rated.

  6. i say abandon the apartment and move in with the boyfriend. it's about time! seriously, i'm sure it will all work out.

  7. Hey sister, I saw the photo you posted of yourself jumping on the beach in that two-piece bathing suit and I can say without reservation that you're no fatty! You just got nice girl-curves, is all.

    And if having a creepy old dude saying a creepy thing like that to you on your blog doesn't cheer you up over you negative body image, nothing will!


    Creepily (and oldily) yours,


  8. Oh I remember those days - no fun. I had that happen twice, 1 time the 3rd person bailed literally 2 weeks before we were all supposed to move in together. It all work out! And I've been off the food wagon for weeks now, 2 days is normal!

  9. Hope your apartment situation works out, that you can either find a new roommate or a new apartment!

  10. hope the apt situation is figured out soon! :-/

    i hate when i emotionally eat... then i feel disgusting and usually even less like running. :( hope you were able to detox over the weekend.

  11. Housing situations can be such a pain! I highly recommend craigslist if you want to find a new worked out awesome for me!

    I chow down on a huge bag of M&M's when I'm stressed. It gets pretty bad sometimes!

  12. It's cool chica! As long as you get back on you'll be fine :-)