Still drying out

by - Tuesday, May 12, 2009

After yoga last night I was determined to get my first training run in despite the ominous black clouds that had blown in. I felt a drop or two of rain as I hustled home from the gym, but figured I could get a quick three miles in before anything crazy happened.

I got home, ran upstairs, changed into running gear and by the time I opened the front door it was pouring. I thought for a second about turning around to go back inside and watch Greek with my roommate and her friend, but skipping my first training run didn't seem like the best way to kick off training.

So I stepped into the chilly rain and took off. Twenty nine minutes and 15 seconds later I had knocked out my three miles. I was a little surprised by my time. My clothes were soaking wet and felt so heavy only minutes into the run so I was surprised I was able to break 30 minutes. I felt like I was moving so slowly, but maybe I just ran super speedy because I didn't want to be in the rain.

When I got home, I stood under around stoop and began wringing out my shirt, my short and my ponytail. I peeled off my socks and rang them out too and tried to dump extra water out of my shoes.

I've heard stuffing newspaper in wet shoes helps dry them quickly, unfortunately I didn't have newspaper so I just used notebook paper. They were still pretty wet this morning when I checked them. Does anyone have any suggestions on other ways to dry them? I was thinking blasting them with my hair dryer, but I heard high heat is bad for the cushioning or something.

I have another run planned for tonight and I don't want to have to skip it because my shoes are still wet.

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  1. good job in the rain! i would have bailed fo sho. notebook paper doesn't have the wicking qualites of newspaper. try leaning them up against a heat grate or something.

  2. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Way to get a great run in in the rain. Put the shoes near a window the sun may help dry them out.

  3. What kind of former journalism student doesn't have a newspaper around? Tsk, tsk!

  4. Throw them in the dryer on low heat for twenty or thirty minutes. It's loud, but they can go in there without melting.

    Nice job on the 3 miler in the rain! There's soemthing about running int he pouring rain that always makes a runner feel like a badass!

  5. This is one of the reasons I alternate between two pairs of running shoes - so there's always one that's ready to go. But I live in the desert south west, so I hardly ever have WET shoes. Can't help you out!

  6. Nice job getting out in the rain!

  7. Does anyone have any suggestions on other ways to dry them? ...

    Here's my suggestion:

    Don't run in the rain!


    Seriously, sister, nice job on the Rain Run!

    No wonder you were up so early reading blogs today!

    Oops, I thought you were also first at Teh Marcy's, but that was a different Jess.

    Still - nice job.

    I'm surprised Carolina Cletus didn't tell you to stuff a polecat in your shoes or something. He's such a class act.

  8. Tad got caught in the same storm trying to bike home from campus. I offered to go pick him up but he said, "nahh I'll be fine. It looks like it's going north of us." I open the door and he is drenched!

    Re your shoes: I don't know anything about messing with the cushion but I've always used a hair dryer.

  9. There is soemthing about rain that makes you go faster. Maybe it's little drops of steroids from the sky?

  10. I'm with Lisa on this one. It's one of the reason why I have more than 1 pair of kicks.

  11. I love running in the rain! Except it sounds like that rain was coming down REALLY hard so maybe not as fun, I don't think a quick blast with the blowdryer will hurt them. That's what I do for mine, or lean them up on a heat grate like someone else suggested :-)

  12. get a second pair of shoes (everyone's doing it).

    good job not letting the rain get you!

  13. you totally need more than 1 pair. i feel like i heard that rotating them made them last longer somehow, gives the cushioning time to bounce back? i really don't know, could be making this theory up :) but, i am all about having more than 1 pair in rotation. (hey easy excuse to buy another!) great job in the rain - i would've hit the treadmill or canceled, but great start to your training!

  14. wow...pouring rain and you went, that's aweseome.

    i hate to be repetitive...but yeah you need to rotate shoes, they say shoes need 24 hours between runs.

    on drying.. technically you could probably put them in the dryer for short time on low heat

  15. I love running in the rain... when its warm. Way to HTFU!