Shortened long run

by - Monday, May 18, 2009

By the time I got out to do this weekend's long run it was past dusk, moving quickly into full-blown night time. I wasn't optimistic that I'd be able to get in all seven miles before it was too dark too see, but I was shooting for between five and six. 

The BF and I headed out at the same time. He planning to do his four, me planning to do my five or six. By the time I got to mile two, I knew I wouldn't be doing anymore than four. It was much too dark and I could barely see where I was putting my foot down in front of me. I was afraid I'd roll my ankle on some abnormality in the sidewalk. 

I ended up following BF for most of the run. He has long legs and I wasn't trying to push it to keep up with him. I was however, able to catch him around mile 3.25 on one of his walk breaks. We ran together for a little while, but I pulled ahead toward the end, mainly becuase I have more practice keeping a steady pace over a longer distance. 

Just as I was approaching the last turn to get back to BF's house, I hear heavy footsteps behind me and realize BF has picked up his pace to catch up to me, apparently he doens't like being "chicked."

So not willing to let that happen, I break into a solid sprint and keep telling myself, quick foot turn over, quick foot turn over. We round the curve, I'm still ahead, but then BF and his freakin' long legs pass me right at the end. 

We both finished the run cracking up that he was able to beat me in the end and took a quick walk around the block to cool down. 

We ended our night o' running with some Stick action. Now his roommates probably think we're freaky...greeeeat lol. 

Quick stats:
4.02 miles
9:37 pace
One of the easiest runs I've ever done. Hardly felt like I was moving fast at all.

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  1. Well, I don't know... Maybe BF would like getting chicked more often if the "stick" action afterwards was good ;-)

    hahahahaha! It's too early on Monday for this :-)

  2. nice job! i did the same thing on my long run yesterday. short strides, quick feet. made it fast and easy.

    oh, and i gave your blog an award today! check it out.

  3. I hate running in the dark! I always feel like I'm going to trip...or that someone is going to jump out and grab me. Paranoia at its best.

  4. I HATE running in the dark too! Freaky! At least you had BF with you. Me and my bf used to race at the end of our runs too but he would ALWAYS beat me! Stupid long legs!

  5. Nice job on the 4 miler! There's nothing like a little friendly competition with your significant other to help push you!

  6. nice 4 miler! you don't have to fib to us, you let him win this time to boost his esteem ;) glad you didn't trip over anything in the dark. i've done my fair share for sure.

  7. Nice job on the run!

  8. Nice job on the run! Sounds like you both are a bit competitive! :)

  9. nice 4 miler in the dark! You two are quite the competitive couple :)

  10. I get that in the winter - the darkness - because i run in the early morning. I have one of those dorky headlamps, which work okay, they do the job - and if you consider it their main job to make you look dorky, then they really do an excellent job. But they're better than nothing.

    I'd recommend getting one if you plan to do more runs in the dark.

    Way to chick the BF, sister, and nice job on the run!

  11. awesome that it felt so easy :) running in the dark can be scary sometimes! great job :)