Yoga kicked my butt

by - Thursday, May 28, 2009

I kicked my own butt by accident in yoga class last night. I went in knowing I wanted to teach a semi-challenging class with lots of planks because I hadn't rocked any core work in a while.

I also did a solid lunge series and rocked some deep Warrior poses.

Today I hurt.

My legs are seriously killing me. The BF came over for dinner last night and we walked to Fuddruckers (I know, I know, I felt like such a fat kid eating there and I still feel gross). Fuddruckers is not far from my house, but the walk was killllller. And my legs are definitely still sore this morning.

Thanks to everyone who left comments about what I should do about the 10 miler before my half marathon. I'm still mulling it over, but I'm leaning a bit more toward no right now.

In other fabulously exciting news, my cousin had her baby yesterday! She was due last week and so the doctor's had to induce her yesterday and my new baby cousin was born at 4:55 p.m. Abigail Grace, 7 lbs. 10 oz, 21.5 inches long! She's a cutie with a full head of dark hair. I'm so happy for my cousin and her husband and I can't wait to meet Abby!

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  1. Congrats to your cousin!

    Hope the soreness dissipates soon!

  2. Congratulations on the baby! I looove that name!

  3. I feel for ya... I did Ab Ripper X on Monday, and my core is still telling me... NOT HAPPY! :-)

  4. Babies are great! Congrats!

    I LURRRRRVE Fuddruckers because, well, one, the name alone. It's so easy to make into something dirty:

    "I'm gonna Fuddruck the Fudd outta you, muthaFuddrucker!" etc.

    So THAT's always fun. (I suspect "Fuddrucker" is Carolina Cletus' actual last name.)

    Also, they DO have some good salads there with chicken in them, which is important to me because I can't eat too much fat.

    AND ... they have GINORMOUS beer mugs that hold like 32 oz of beer! I mean, these things would not look outta place in a Munich beerhall.

    Talk about things that can kick your butt!

    Good job on the self-@$$-kicking yoga workout, sister.

  5. Congrats on the baby! So cute and wonderful!

    I really need to get back to yoga.

  6. Fuddruckers is a strange beast... The first two times I went I was completely in love. Seasoned fries AND do-it-yourself condiments! Then I went on a Sat night and the food was gross and the place was overrun by hooligans. It looked like a high school sleepover. Dunno what to make of it....

  7. Hi Jess

    Hope i'm in time for my comment about the 10 miler. I would highly recommend against it if the half is as important to you as it sounds like. I have learned that lesson again this year with packing so many races into such a short time. Yes, they were fun and I did OK, but certainly nothing close to a PR.

    Either way, go get 'em Jess!

  8. mmmmm.... fudruckers. I seriously asked to go there all the time growing up. that's why I was a fat kid :) so good. You are allowed to indulge once and again. Plus it's a little treat from kicking your own yoga butt :)

  9. congrats to your cousin! glad both are doing well :)

    hey at least you walked to fudd's!! mmm cheese sauce and fries.

  10. Abigail Grace is such a pretty name! Congrats to your cousin.

    I hope the soreness is a good where you KNOW you worked hard!

  11. ps - many athletic-wear/product companies have programs for discounted gear and promotion for both the athlete and company. typically not the giants like nike, but you should search out a brand you like and apply :)

  12. Congrats to your cousin! We just got a Fuddruckers in the area and I was seriously reading a review today and contemplating try it out sometime soon.