Do I need new shoes?

by - Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On my three mile run last night, my hips, knees and shins were all feeling the full effects of the pounding on the sidewalk. I got home and was pretty sure I needed new running shoes since I bought my current pair back in June.

I'm not as diligent as I should be about tracking the miles on my shoes. So when I went back and looked through old posts and MapMyRun training logs, I realized I only have about 160 miles on my current pair. (Assuming I blogged or mapped out the majority of my runs)

So maybe it was just an off day for me running wise.

But since I was on Amazon browsing discounts on my Mizunos, I happened to stumble across the Mizuno Wave Inspire 6, which is being released Nov. 9, in a pink and white color scheme.

Yea I'm pretty pumped. I think it would be awesome to have pink and white running shoes. I run in the Wave Inspire 5 now, but I've never had problems when Mizuno's made updates to their basic Wave Inspire. I've also run in the 3 and 4 and loved them too.

But because an update is coming out so soon and there was exactly one pair of the fives left in my size on Amazon, I'll probably have to go to the store and actually shell out the additional cash for a pair there. I don't want to order the 6 online and then have to ship it back because I don't like the new style and end up having to go the running store anyway.

I'm going to keep monitoring my current shoes and see how I'm feeling after runs in them. If I continue to have issues, I'll just get the new pair and assume I miscounted my miles.

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  1. Pfffffttt!

    Who you trying to kid, sister?

    ANY woman ANYwhere who even THINKS of asking this titular* question has ALREADY answered it in the affirmative!

    *That's right, I said "titular"! Because "Should I buy new shoes?" is a GIRL question. The male equivalent of which is "Should I have another beer?" (The answer is ALWAYS "yes".) Questions like that latter one are called "n*ts@ckular".

    In other news: FIRST!1!

  2. 160 miles seems low for needing new shoes. But maybe it's time to start looking. If this isn't an off day, you'll know from repeat pain...

  3. That's what my legs were feeling like when I needed new shoes a few months ago. Give it a couple more runs, and if it STILL feels like that then you probably need new shoes.

  4. I can usually tell when I need new running shoes, even without looking at my mileage tracker. That being said, 160 miles seems kind of low for shoes to be worn out. Maybe try some ice/stretching and give them another go...maybe it was just an off day.

    I hate how expensive running shoes are...and then when I find a good deal, they don't have my size anymore! Boo to that.

  5. I ran in Mizuono Wave Nirvana's last year and I found they didn't last as long as my other running shoes. I think I got about 200 miles out of them versus 350 from my Asics. I really liked them so I was dissapointed they didn't hold up.

  6. I am so bad at tracking my shoe mileage. I tried to start a spreadsheet earlier this year and it last all of 3 weeks. Always good to start looking at shoes in case it just wasn't an off day.

  7. Did you buy you pair from a shady Asian shoe stand in NYC like I did once? If so, get a new pair immediately before they disintegrate mid-stride. Seriously, that happened.

  8. The best thing to do (especially if you're thinking of going to the running store anyway) is to bring the old shoes with you and have one of the staff take a look. This is where I shamelessly plug Pacers (now in Pentagon Row as well as Clarendon) for you city folk. They will actually look at the shoes and give you an honest opinion if they have life left in them (vs. just telling you to buy a new pair).

    That said...I have found that I use my newest pair of shoes on my long runs only and during the week rotate between older pairs. This way my newest pair lasts longer (300 miles) and I still get some mileage out of my older shoes.

  9. 160 does seem pretty low, but i think i've heard that sometimes there are just shoes that don't hold up. so, who knows. either way, hope your legs start feeling fresh and bouncy soon! preferably without spending another $100, right? :)

  10. Need a new pair? "of course" is the proper answer. Many of the lighter weight mizunos only have a 150-200 mile lifetime to them. It won't hurt to work a new pair into your rotation.