Phils, shoes, domains, medals, and volleyball

by - Thursday, October 29, 2009

Prepare yourself for the most random of random posts (with pics and videos farther down!)

I was up waaaay past my bedtime last night watching the Phils hammer the Yankees in Game One of the World Series. To sum up, the Phils are awesome and the Yankees suck. Cliff Lee is a beast, going nine innings with no earned runs and my bf Chase Utley (not to be confused with The BF) had a stellar game with his two solo homers.

I went for a run Tuesday night on the dreadmill because it was pouring out. No problems with the shoes. Yesterday I took them for a short run outside and didn't seem to have any real problems either. My legs were tired and exhausted, but that's because I did a brutal hill workout on the dreadmill the day before. So I think I'm sticking with my current pair for now but will closely monitor the situation.

I've been thinking for a while now about buying my own domain name and getting rid of the part of my web address. Sadly is not available. It probably was three years ago when I started the blog and was much less web-savvy, but it's not today. So that means if I make the switch I've got to get a totally new URL. I was toying with It seems to be available. is available too. I'm open to any suggestions. I really wish was an option because obviously I would pick that, but wouldn't be so bad.

What do you all think?

My Beach to Bell medal (for running VB RNR and the PDR) came in the mail yesterday and it is freakin' huge. (TWSS <--- that's for you G!) So glad I did both races to get this pretty piece of hardware.

I think I mentioned in my Race for the Cure race report, that the BF is a big volleyball player. Since I had my camera on me at his game last night I shot this short video of the BF and his stepdad. The BF is the tall one in red on the right and his stepdad is the one in red on the left. BF has a pretty sweet hit toward the end of the video.

Alright that's enough from me for today. I'm really interested in hearing all your thoughts on the domain thing though!

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  1. That's an awesome medal!

  2. I think I saw that medal on a rapper. No, my mistake, it is way too big for that! The only way I can root for the Phils is if they are playing the Red Sox.

  3. that is a huge medal. impressive. also really like the "dreadmill" - so true!

  4. as much as i hate the phillies, i did win my fantasy league this year because I had cliff lee and ryan howard on my team. Loved cliff lee with the indians, and now he just mows down the national league lineups. His stuff last night was really impressive.

    that is a huge medal. well done.

  5. I like jessruns...for obvious reasons! I like your post with the subject bullets and then the blurb...easy to read!

  6. I wish Cleveland still had Cliff Lee ... sulk.

  7. Nice piece of hardware to add to the collection! Jessruns is a good domain name.

  8. How about

    Wait!! That's even better!

    Congrats on the HARD(TWSS)ware, sister!

  9. (ho ho ho)

  10. Nice hardware!! Congrats!
    I've been playing with domain names, too, but for a website for clients so really struggling there. All the good stuff gone :(. I do thin it's a cool idea though! Good luck!

  11. Congrats on the medal!
    I'd be interested in seeing your treadmill hill workout, if you wouldn't mind posting it. I'm mostly a treadmill runner during the week for safety reasons, and I definitely need more hill work.
    ps - I like jessruns or terprunner!

  12. Jess runs. Simple, to the point. Like it. Enjoyed reading through your blog!

  13. I think jessruns would be perfect!

  14. I think would work...obviously since it's quite similar to my recent switch! Although now I'm wishing I went with terprunner or something! haha.

    Go Phillies!!!!

  15. is available. You are welcome :-)

  16. What about runjessrun?

  17. what a sweet medal! totally worth figuring out those logistics.

    boo about rungirlrun. what if you put a different .something at the end?