Race for the Cure

by - Friday, October 16, 2009

This Sunday I'm running the Race for the Cure 5K near Baltimore with a bunch of my friends. It's a fun race that I've done the past two years and convinced some of my friends to join me last year.

This year our group will consist of the BF and I running the race and then my friends Emily, Laurie, Randyl and Chris who will all be walking. Chris broke his arm a few weeks ago. I think he was planning to run, but now he'll be walking, arm in sling and all.

The weather is supposed to be cold and rainy here all weekend, but I'm hoping the rain eases up Sunday morning for the race so we can all have a good time and not come down with pneumonia.

Race for the Cure holds my 5K PR from last year and I'd love to break it this year. I've got a couple goal times, but they are all weather dependent.

C goal: Run, have fun, finish under 30 minutes without a new PR.
B goal: Run, have fun, break PR.
A goal: Run fast, have lots of fun, finish under 28 minutes.

We'll see what Sunday holds. I certainly haven't been training for speed, but I have been running faster lately averaging around 9:30 per mile. I really don't know what to expect. I'm just hoping I can pull some speed and break that PR!

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  1. Good luck girl! have fun and think fast.

  2. you can doooooooo it :-)

  3. good luck! I'll be there on Sunday too - hope the weather forecast improves!

  4. Go for goal A...just give in to the adrenaline of the race and give it all you have...

  5. Have a great race!

  6. Good luck Sunday!

  7. hope you had fun!