Just popping in

by - Friday, October 30, 2009

Just popping in right quick to wish all the NYC Marathoner's the best of luck this weekend! I'll be following along cheering hard for all of you and of course, Ryan Hall!

I'm so badly in need of the weekend. It's been a long week, plus I have fun plans! Soccer senior night is tomorrow and since my good friend plays I'll be there and at the tailgate before hand. And then Sunday I'm going to lunch at my cousin's new apartment. I can't wait to see it and see her and the rest of the fam!

I'll be back next week with a post about my treadmill running, including how I keep myself entertained and why I submit myself to that boring machine.

Hope all your weekends rock! Happy Halloween!

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  1. treadmill running - ick. i'll be interested in how you're staying sane...

  2. Enjoy the weekend!

    Rest up enough to be able to stay up for the Phils, though!

  3. Happy Halloween to you, too! :)

  4. I'm happy to say that I Hate the NY Marathon. Props to everyone who ran it, but it totally screwed up my weekend plans in Long Island. Rather than hang in the hotel with my fam, I had to drive till 1:40 a.m. until I got out of NY... because of the bridge closures that would have screwed up my driving beyond belief. So, props / hate to you all :)

  5. hope you had a good weekend! belated thanks for the well wishes :) sorry i couldn't get a signed autograph for you! :(