Ryan and Kara

by - Friday, October 02, 2009

Ryan Hall and Kara Goucher are both kind of my running heroes. I can't remember ever being more excited to watch a Boston Marathon than this past year when both were true contenders to win. (Although sadly neither did.)

I was tickled pink when Kara won the Chicago Half Marathon a few weeks back. And not just won in the women's division, like won the entire race.

And it was super cool to see Ryan accept his award for winning the Philly Distance Run in September.

I think it's great that U.S. distance running has these two sort of iconic people championing the sport. And that's not to detract from any of the previous running greats. I'm just really keen on Ryan and Kara.

So anyway, I was super excited to get my November Runner's World in the mail yesterday and find that not only is Ryan Hall on the cover, but they've got a sweet story about him and his hope of winning the NYC Marathon next month. (I don't think RW has the link up on their Web site yet, sorry guys!)

I love the way the guy comes across in every interview I've ever read with him. He's humble, not your typical hot-shot athlete, and he respects the 26.2 distance. He wants to do big things and he's confident that his day will come. I think my favorite part of the story though was when he said if he never won a major race he'd be okay with it, because there's more to running than winning races.

As a middle of the pack runner, I can completely relate to that.

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  1. Who's Ryan Goucher?

    Also: Kara Hall? Never heard of her.

    And: Is "Runner's World" some brand new Fall series on ABC or something? Is that the one starring Kelsey Grammer? Who's Kelsey Grammer?

    One more thing: Why would anyone run 26 point-two miles? That sounds like such a stupid distance!

    Other than all those unanswered questions, I enjoyed this post.

    One last thing: Whyaam I ...


  2. Also: Why did I spell "Why am I ..." Whyaam I ...

  3. I love both Hall and Goucher... I can't wait to get my RW now! Hope it comes today!

  4. got my copy. haven't read it yet...

  5. yea i like ryan a lot too. we can learn a lot from him.

  6. I love how positive Ryan and Kara are! I hope more people in the US become active because of the two of them.

  7. It's nice to have such a strong crop of young American distance runners to cheer for. I personally like Brian Sell, but Hall and Goucher are both admirable runners. Now, where's my November issue? Cheers!

  8. Two excellent role models for sure!! lurve them both!

  9. And he's a cutie too! That doesn't hurt. :o)

  10. Got my issue in the mail yesterday but haven't had a chance to rip the plastic off yet. Looking forward to it now!

  11. Can't wait to read that magazine, it just came! Thanks for the prelude!

  12. yes i looove ryan hall for those reasons. he definitely has a great character! kara is cool, but i dunno, haven't seen a down-to-earth side of her. i can relate to her self-disappointment though when she doesn't meet her goals. although, her goals are obviously like 2 hours faster than mine.

    i can't wait for my new edition of rw now! (not that i'm caught up on like august or september....)

  13. agreed he just seems so approachable and well it is inspiring even though I know I'll never be that great