The Great Race Debate

by - Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Morning everyone!

I woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday. Why is it that short weeks always seem to take longer than normal ones?

The Great Race Debate


I have a huge race dilemma weighing on me and I'm just not sure what to do. I have two very good friends that want me to train to run a marathon with them in the fall.

Friend #1 wants me to do Marine Corp with him.

Friend #2 wants me to do Baltimore.

These races are only weeks apart from each other, so doing both is kind of out of the question with my track record for injuries. Heck I'm still trying to decide running a marathon is a good idea at all for me.

But let's assume for just a minute that I'll be able to do one marathon this fall.

Which one do I pick?


  • Race doesn't immediately sell out so I can train longer and see where my body is before shelling out the cash
  • I've done Baltimore before. It's a great, well-organized race.
  • Will be a true test of how much my running has improved since the course will be mostly the same.
  • I could do the Maryland Double (Frederick Half Marathon in May, and either Baltimore half or full) and get three medals!
  • I've done Baltimore before. Maybe I want to do something different.
  • Hills!

Marine Corp:
  • It's a hugely popular race and one I want to do while I'm a local in DC.
  • Metro accessible, means not having to worry about a parking nightmare.
  • Flat!
  • Men in uniform assisting on the course and handing out medals at the end.
  • Registration is only open in one day. That day is in about two weeks. Yes running is going well now, but what happens if I get hurt.

That con for the Marine Corp is really where my biggest hold up is. I'm so nervous about registering for a race this far out and then worrying about getting injured and not being able to race. Yes Marine Corp offers deferral to the next year, but will I want to do it that following year without my friend?

Or could I do both? Or is that just stupid?

Right now I'm leaning toward doing Baltimore, but I'm torn. Really, really torn.

Which race would you pick?

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