Global Warming, My Ass 6.66 Race Report

by - Thursday, March 11, 2010

After this winter, I'm pretty sure global warming doesn't exist. And if it does, it did nothing for me this winter. Seriously, I spent two months with sidewalks too covered in snow to let me run outside. So I felt it was only appropriate that I participate in Razz's first virtual race the Global Warming, My Ass 6.66 miler.

I decided yesterday would be a good day to get the distance in, making it the third day in a row of running for me. Coming off injury, that's a recipe for disaster. But when it comes to running, sometimes I'm thick-headed. I did the race anyway.

I even mapped out a new route (it was 6.78 miles) for the occasion to make it extra special. I get brownies points for that right? It was like a real race, minus timing chips and bib numbers.

Miles 1-3 were uneventful. I kept telling myself to go slower because I didn't want my hip or knee flaring up. I took a one minute walk break somewhere around mile 2.5.

Mile four featured a massive hill. I trucked it to the top and kept going through mile five, when I felt the first knee twinge. It was nothing serious and walking for a minute helped.

With about a mile or so left to go, my knee started talking to me more. Again, nothing a walk break didn't help with. The last half mile though, I had to take a lot of walk breaks, which totally killed my time.

Up until that point I'd been holding steady under 10 minute miles, something I was really happy about given my injury issues this winter. By the time I finished my average overall mile time was 10:04.

I won't be winning any speed prizes for this race, but I had fun doing it. Thanks to Razz for hosting. It's definitely a race I'll keep in mind for next year's calendar.

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  1. good job! nice pace!

  2. Virtual races are kewl... Glad you didn't over do it :-)

  3. Could it be that those aches and pains are behind you? Good job.

  4. Nice job on the "race"!

  5. ya hung in there pretty good Jess! well done.

  6. nice run! i like the people who still insist global warming DOES exist even though it was ridiculously cold and snowy this winter....

  7. Hey Jess,
    I looked you up from Razz's site. Great job on the run! I'm glad you didn't overdo it though. As someone who is equally thickheaded about over-training, I know how frustrating it can be to not run when you want to be out there. Good luck!