Yogurt and fruit mix up

by - Friday, March 12, 2010

Yesterday was all about resting up for me. Three days of running in a row is a lot and since my knee started acting up during Wednesday's race, I decided some icing was in order.

At my desk.

When I got home, I was in the mood for something quick and easy for dinner. I took a page of out Meghann's book and just dumped a bunch of things in a bowl.

I started with some blackberries.

Then added some strawberries.

Topped it all with a little Greek yogurt.

I felt like my random fruit and yogurt creation needed a little crunch so I sprinkled on some Yogi Granola Crisps.

All mixed up.

Man was it yummy and it totally hit the spot.

Sometimes simple dinners that don't require the stove are the best kind.

In weekend action, I plan to spend a lot of time watching the ACC Tournament! GO Terps!

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  1. I have a bag of frozen peas that we keep in the freezer just for icing. It works great. No yelling at the TV this weekend!

  2. Sooooo excited for the tournament, although I really miss the days of traveling there with the band!! GO TERPS!!

  3. That must've taken hours to cook :-D I lurves it!!

  4. I need to be icing at my desk today! My knees are aching after my 4.5 mile run this morning (which was supposed to be 3 miles but I MAJORLY underestimated the loop I did!)

  5. Looks very yummmy! some of those dinners are my favorite! I had a fruit smoothie for dinner the other night because I wasn't too hungry but knew I needed "something" after my 4 mile run!

  6. Add some Kashi in there for extra crunch!

  7. I'm so addicted to yogurt, this looks yummy! I'm gonna have to try those granola crisps...I usually put blueberry muesli in my yogurt.

  8. Oooh, those Yogi Crisps look good - I've never heard of those!