Terps Beat Duke!

by - Thursday, March 04, 2010

Last night was an awesome night. It was senior night at the Comcast Center and my Terps were playing Duke.

I was at home rocking all my Terp gear.

Tweeting with my friends like a crazy person. Best tweet of the night from a friend:
"i feel like im in the dbk newsroom watching all you guys tweet each other"

And the Terps won!!!! Whoooo hooo and now we're tied for first place in the ACC! Video from the Washington Post of kids storming the court.

Maryland fans storm the court from Wash Post Sports on Vimeo.

And then, like any good Maryland fan knows, came the celebration/riot on Rte. 1. The Post got some great pictures and there's a brief summary too.

I would have given my right arm to be back in college last night to experience that again. After the late night phone calls, emails, tweets, waking up this morning sucked.

But I'm going to be riding this high for the rest of the day.

In workout news yesterday, I got in a nice 4.5 miler outside. Everything was going really well until about the four mile mark when my right knee (not the one I've had problems with before) started hurting like crazy. I'm getting quite sick of all of these hip/knee problems. I'm hoping the knee was a fluke thing and that if I keep up my stretching and strengthening stuff that it will go away just like my hip issues.

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  1. Hearing ANY team beat Duke is like music to my ears!

    Sorry to hear about your other knee hurting during your run... let's hope that side of the body isn't overcompensating for the other side's injury?!

  2. i didn't think the terps had a chance. wow, they really stepped up to the plate last night. it's wins like that one that will take them very far in the march madness tourney too.

  3. Glad your team won!

  4. Go Terps! I was there last night, it was crazy! Made me wish I was a student again and could rush the court :)

  5. Sounds like all those late nights watching the Braves in the world series! It's fun, but the next day is always hard :-)

  6. I'm so sad I missed this game since I had to work!! I had a patient giving me updates but at one point he turned the game off...gahhh! Definitely would have loved to be back in CP...