Tempo runs make me hungry

by - Thursday, March 18, 2010

I am so embracing this beautiful weather we've been having in D.C. Yesterday it was sunny and almost hit 70! Wheee! I love random warm spells in the middle of March. It makes me believe that summer isn't all that far away!

To celebrate I decided it would be a good day to do a quick tempo run. I wanted to push the pace, but not to the point where anything started hurting.

I was successful!

I did a 3.8 mile loop near my house and averaged 9:18 per mile. It was definitely a challenge at times to hold the pace, especially on the hills in the sun, but it was a fun challenge.

It's funny how in the winter with the cold and before my hip and knee issues, 9:18 was a pretty normal pace for me. Now 9:18 is pushing it and I feel comfortable on longer runs closer to 10 minutes per mile.

When I got home from running I was a starvin' marvin and continued to be for the rest of the day. About two hours after dinner my stomach was growling so badly that I had to eat a PBJ to hold me over until morning and now I'm starving again.

It's not like I ran that far or all that hard, but my poor stomach is begging for food. So I am off to feed it.

Does anyone else experience major hunger after tempo runs?

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