Loves and Hates

by - Friday, March 19, 2010

Man I could write a book today, I've got so much going on, but I'll try to keep it brief. We're going to do a quick "Things I'm Loving, Things I'm Hating" post.

First off, March Madness started yesterday and I am pumped. Seriously yesterday and today are some of the best days of sports watching during the year.

Teams I'm loving:

Murray State: The win with the buzzer beater. Oh my goodness, crazy. (And good for my bracket!)

Butler: Just showing complete dominance in the second half of their game. Hoping they keep it up.

UMD: My Terps play tonight and I'm giddy with excitement. Let's GO!

Teams I'm hating:

Georgetown: Pretty much busted my bracket. Thanks a lot guys.

Villanova: For giving me a heart attack yesterday, but they pulled out the win in the end and spared my bracket.

Duke: Like I even need a reason. I have them in the Elite Eight, but I'd be happy if they lose any time before then.

My Run last night:

Things I'm loving:

The weather
The last mile and a half
That I somehow averaged 9:48 per mile with all my walk breaks

Things I'm hating:
That my legs felt like bricks
That I had to walk and stop to stretch multiple times
Calf cramps during the first 3.5 miles

In general:

Things I'm loving:

My first ever Green Monster. I finally got up the nerve and had all the necessary ingredients to make one.

That FitBloggin' is tomorrow and I get to meet so many awesome bloggers.

Things I'm hating:
That it's not the weekend yet.

(P.S. I'll have a post for later this afternoon with my cooking challenge for the week, I just didn't want to mesh it in with this one or you would all be reading forever!)

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