Cooling Down After a Hot Run

by - Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The weather this month has been incredibly weird around these parts. The past few weeks it's been cold and rainy. The beginning of the month we were hitting the 90s and now we're right back to those super high temps with lots of humidity.

It's made for some interesting runs.

Last night, I was feeling super energetic when I got home from work and decided that if I ran with some water, the heat wouldn't be so bad.

Turns out that thought was just plain silly.

I was dyyyying.

I had sweat dripping in my eyes and salt caking to my skin. (That's a pretty picture huh?) I stopped at mile 1.75 (thanks Garmin) because my left calf was cramping like crazy.

After stretching and some more water I started running again. I eventually knocked out something close to 4.5 miles, but it wasn't pretty.

Everything about this run reminded me why I like to run in the mornings.

After stretching out and finishing the last of my warm, warm water, I headed inside for something cold. I had some Cheribundi sitting in my fridge that I've been waiting to try.

I cracked open the one with whey protein and took a sip. I wasn't so much digging that one, but then I tried the regular cherry juice and it was like drinking cherry pie. Seriously, it was so good.

I was kind of surprised because it's advertised as a tart cherry juice and I'm not a huge fan of tart things. But the juice was really delicious and extremely refreshing.

I spent the rest of last night watching the season finale of the Biggest Loser. I thought the final three looked awesome, especially Michael. I mean to go from 500+ pounds down to 260something. That's quite the transformation.

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