Summer/Fall 2010 Race Calendar

by - Thursday, May 27, 2010

After much research, thinking and consideration of logistics, I present my summer/fall 2010 racing calendar!

6/12: Crofton 10K
8/28: Patrick Henry Half Marathon*
8/29: Annapolis 10 Mile*
9/19: Philly Rock n Roll Half Marathon
9/26: Dogfish Dash (most likely the 10K, unless I opt to do the 5K with the BF)
10/16: Baltimore Marathon/Half Marathon (TBD)
11/21: Philadelphia Marathon/Half Marathon**

I didn't do too much searching for 5Ks, 10Ks or other shorter events in the fall, other than the Dogfish Dash. Dogfish makes the BF's favorite beer and this race is held at the brewery in Delaware. The BF was pretty pumped when I told him you get good free beer afterward. Not that gross stuff they give out after half marathons.

I'm sure I'll add some more shorter distances to the calendar later, but they can be more spur of the moment decisions. I really just wanted to get the bigger races hammered out.

More details:

* I obviously won't be doing both of these races as they are one day apart in completely different states. The half marathon is in Virginia, near some of the BF's cousins, maybe two or three hours from me. The 10 Miler is in Maryland, like an hour from my house. My birthday is the 28th and I really, really want to do a race on my birthday, but I might be willing to settle for the day after in exchange for easier logistics. That decision is still up in the air. If you know of any other awesome races on either of those dates, let me know in the comments!

** This race is very, very tentative. I'm not sure if I want to run Philly twice in one season since I'm pretty sure the courses are fairly similar. However, if I decide I want to do a full marathon this fall and I'm not ready for Baltimore, I might opt for the Philly one instead.

Is anyone else planning to do any of these races? I love a good blogger meet-up!

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