Spin Class Without a Gym Membership

by - Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Resting up has been great these past two days. My right IT band is still knotty and angry at me for making it run 13.1 miles of hills in the heat. I've tried to apologize and stretch it and in general pay extra special attention to it, but the only thing that seems to be helping is rest.

So rest is what I will do.

But now, I'm starting to get antsy. I want to do something.

Sitting around like a bum so isn't my style (although I have been able to catch up on massive amounts of TV the last two days).

I'm thinking maybe I want to get back into spinning. I loved spinning when I lived in York. It was such an awesome, heart pumping workout and it gave me a good alternative to running.

The problem is, I don't belong to a gym and I have no desire to pay a $40 per month membership fee for just the spin classes.

I've been trying to look for places in the DC/MD area that have the option of just paying for the classes you take and not paying a full gym fee. I haven't had much luck though.

On Twitter last night someone suggested I just call some of the local gyms to see if they'd be willing to work something out with me.

There's an LA Fitness not too far from my house that has spin every evening at 5:30. As long as the Metro doesn't break, I could most likely get to that class. So I might give them a call.

Anyone have any other suggestions? I really miss spin and would love to get back into it, but not if it means having to pay for a bunch of extra gym things I'm not going to use.

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