Trial Gym Membership Fail

by - Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yesterday I had a plan to check out the spin classes at my local gym. Since this week looks to be pretty low key for me, I decided it was a good time to print off the gym's week long free pass and get a feel for the classes and the crowds and whether or not I'd want to join for real.

Right before I click print, I realized the pass isn't for a week. It's for one day.

How can anybody get a feel for a gym in one day?

Different classes are offered on different days with different instructors. Crowds might be different on a Monday than they are on a Tuesday or Wednesday. One day definitely isn't enough time to decide if I'm going to join a certain gym.

In the end, I ditched the gym idea and I decided to bust out the 30 Day Shred. It's been months since I'd done the DVD and it was a nice reminder that I don't have to join a gym to get good non-running workout. Sure, it's not spinning, but it felt good to do some strength work.

Afterward, I started looking for some summer and fall races. Tentative schedule to come shortly.

Is this some motivation I'm sensing?

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