On the Mend

by - Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I cried the entire time I was running my five miles yesterday, but not because my knee was bothering me. It was just so cold and windy that my eyes wouldn't stop watering.

Despite the biting wind and my tears freezing to my cheeks, my five miles went quite well. My knee was stiff in the beginning, but it loosened up incredibly well and didn't bother me once the entire rest of the run.

Occasionally, I could feel my form getting a little out of whack on big downhills, but nothing too serious.

As I was running, I noticed my pace was naturally creeping down to pre-IT band issue speeds. I certainly wasn't as speedy as last summer when I was training for the Philly half, but it was nice to see paces below 10 minutes per mile.

The lesson I need to remember here is that foam rolling, stretching and strength training help keep my IT band issues at bay. If I want to be able to run healthy, I need to stay more dedicated to them.

Fingers crossed that I'm on the mend!

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