Training Plan B

by - Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm lucky to work at an organization that offers the option to telework when weather is crappy and commuting would just be not safe.

Snow outside my window after latest storm
No sign of the sidewalk anywhere

On days like today, teleworking is our office's Plan B.

Runners need a Plan B too, especially if we're training during winter months. Scott over at iRunner Blog did a great post yesterday on how to build a Plan B into your training.

Last night I was busy crafting my own Plan B so I could still get my training run in despite the snow. I borrowed a lot of tips from Scott.

1. Swapped an outside run for a treadmill run. With snow and ice coating the sidewalks, there wasn't a question in my mind that I needed to use the treadmill at my community's fitness center.

2. Instead of focusing on mileage on the treadmill, I focused on total time of the workout. I banged out 35 minutes did some stretching and walked home for part two of the workout.

3. Since there was no way I could drive to the gym in the terrible weather, I popped in Jillian Michael's No More Trouble Zones to get my strength training for the day. It wasn't quite as fun as my awesome circuit training class at the gym, but it was still a kick-butt workout.

My plan B workout wasn't as awesome as what my original training plan called for, but it worked just fine. Having that flexibility built into your schedule is key if you living in a place where the winter weather could really throw a wrench into a training plan.

What's your Plan B when the weather gets in the way of your workouts?

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