What's Your Favorite Strength Training DVD?

by - Friday, January 28, 2011

One of the best Living Social deals I ever bought was a two-month gym membership for $20. At a price like that, during the cold winter months, how could I have passed that deal up?


I started my membership two weeks after the Philadelphia Marathon when I was really craving some cross training after several months of hard running training and my great deal ended this week.

I'm really sad that my two-month stint at the gym is wrapping up. I enjoyed many of the classes I was taking, especially my Monday and Wednesday night strength training classes.

I even considered becoming a regular member when my deal was over, but the $50 per month price tag for a gym that didn't have a pool seemed a bit high in comparison to other places.

I asked about any sort of special memberships for people who just wanted to take classes, but apparently they don't offer anything like that.

So for now, I'm back to being gym-less.

Since I've really enjoyed the strength training I've been doing, I plan to keep that up. I have a few Jillian Michael's DVDs that I can use and I might invest in a few other strength training DVD options.

I'm also looking into joining a different gym with cheaper memberships and a pool. I'm very, very tentatively kicking around the idea of a late spring triathlon, which means I'd need a place to swim. (And a bike to borrow, but that's a different story.)

So what are your favorite strength training DVDs? I'm looking for good recommendations to spice up my routine.

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