Jennifer Weiner at Sixth & I

by - Friday, July 13, 2012

After last week's insane heat wave, it's been nice having some cooler temperatures on my runs this week.

Yesterday morning, when I saw the temperature was in the low 70's, I hopped out of bed pretty quickly to take advantage of the nicer weather.

I only did three miles but I tried to push the pace a little bit, since lately I feel like I've been running so, so slowly.

Amazing how much the weather affects my times. Fastest run in weeks. I miss 50 degree weather.

I hate how much the heat and humidity affects my times. Most of my splits these days have been hanging around the 10-minute to 10:30-min per mile pace because I'm taking so many walk breaks so I don't overheat.

I haven't seen a sub-nine split in far, far too long. It's frustrating to see my times get so much slower as the weather gets hotter. I know it happens to just about every runner, and I know my faster times will return when the weather gets cooler, but it's still not fun.

In more fun news, last night I met up with Emily to see Jennifer Weiner speak at Sixth & I.

Jennifer Weiner speaking last night.
Jennifer Weiner speaking

Jennifer Weiner is the author of some of my favorite chick lit books, and she just recently released a new book loosely based on her experiences producing a TV show in Hollywood.

Her talk was hilarious. She told great stories about her family growing up, about her mom coming out of the closest when she was in her 50s, about how ridiculous her experiences in Hollywood were and she shared her predictions on who would win the Bachelorette.

(Side note: Now that Sean got kicked off, I think I'm team Jef with one "f" all the way.)

Weiner was frank and honest and had the large crowd of women cracking up the whole time.

Lots of women at sixth&i waiting for jennifer weiner to speak.

There was a book signing afterward, but Emily and I didn't stick around for that because Emily forgot her book and I was starving. Instead we grabbed dinner at Chop't, my favorite salad place in the city, where I proceeded to pretty much inhale my salad and ended up with a stomachache.

Good job self!

I have a packed weekend coming up that I'm so looking forward to. My cousin gets married tomorrow and then I'm going to the Jason Aldean/Luke Bryan concert on Sunday. Cannot.Wait!

Happy Friday y'all!

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