Three Things Thursday -- Softball, Colds and Vacation

by - Thursday, July 19, 2012

1. My softball team won our fifth straight division title this week.

Softball division champs
Division champs!

Unfortunately we won by forfeit since the other team didn't have enough players. But since a ton of people from our team showed up, we lent the other team a few of our players and just played for fun.

Edit: Coach corrected me. The game wasn't a forfeit. Apparently the other team technically had enough people to "play," but since we knew it was an unfair match up we lent them one of our best players anyway to make it slightly less of a bloodbath. He was responsible for at least five of their runs. My team ended up winning 27-11 even though we weren't taking the game all that seriously.

We were goofing around in the field, half our guys were batting left handed and I did not have an awesome night of pitching when they brought me in to close.

Jason at bat

But with the division title already in the bag, it didn't matter too much and we were just out there having a good time. We've got two more games this season and then playoffs, which I'll most likely miss because I'll be out of town. I can't believe our season is over so soon.

Of all the rec league sports I play, softball is definitely my favorite and I'm always a little sad to see the season wrap up because I know it will be a long time until we all see each other again.

2. I'm getting a summer cold.

I woke up this morning and my throat was scratchy and my nose was stuffy. Not cool, body, so not cool.

I mean I know I ran myself into the ground a little bit over the weekend, but I was doing so great getting back on track.

Party people on the dance floor

How many more pictures from the wedding can I sneak onto the blog? 
Thanks to my Aunt Chris for this one

I've gotten plenty of sleep the last two nights, I got in my run yesterday and I've been drinking lots of water.

The timing of this cold could not be worse. I'm set to leave for vacation this weekend and I'd rather not spend the first few days at the beach being sick.

I've already popped some Zicam. Hopefully between that and lots of water and rest I'll be able to nip this in the bud before it blows up into anything worse and ruins my vacation.

3. I literally cannot wait to be at the beach.

It's been ages since I took a full week off work to go somewhere fun. I think the last time I took time off that wasn't around a holiday was when I went on my cruise back in the winter of 2010.

On the ship docked in Jamaica

Sure I've taken a long weekend here or there, but there's nothing quite like taking a full week away from work (and away from my Blackberry) and just getting a chance to relax, stick my toes in the sand and read some trashy beach novels.

I also can't wait to run at the beach. There's something about waking up nice and early, running along the boardwalk, past all the cute beach houses, listening to the waves break on the sand that just makes me happy.

Only a few more days!

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