My Kind Of Party

by - Tuesday, July 17, 2012

That was definitely the theme of my weekend.

The good times started on Saturday at my cousin Kenny's wedding. It was the first time most of the family had been back together in about a year, and Kenny and his new wife Nikki threw one heck of a party.

The ceremony was held at St. Paul's church in Ellicott City, MD.





And then we took the party to the Turf Valley Country Club, where we ate, drank and danced the night away.







Between the party and the after party and waking up super early in the hotel room, I got not nearly enough sleep, before family brunch on Sunday morning.

After saying good-bye to my family and making plans for us to all reunite again at the Baltimore Running Festival in October, I headed over to my friend's place to hang out before the Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan concert that night.

And by hang out, I mean I napped on the couch for most of the afternoon before we grabbed lunch at like 3 p.m.

Then it was off to the concert.

I have been looking forward to this show since we bought tickets. I love both Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan's music and I couldn't wait to see them perform together.

Luke Bryan!!!!

Luke Bryan was amazing. He knew how to get the crowd going and he was so much fun to watch. It doesn't hurt that he is probably one of the most good-looking country singers around.

Jason Aldean's music was great, but he wasn't the most fun to watch as a live performer. He kind of just went from mic to mic, sang his songs and that was it. Not much crowd interaction, pretty much no dancing. Oh and his encore was just bad. He ended with a new song and then he covered Kid Rock's "Cowboy."

Anyway, my friend Emily wrote the concert review for the Washington Post, so if you want more details about how the concert was from someone who actually knows what to look for in a concert, check out her review.

But all in all, the weekend was one big party from beginning to end, and I'm very, very glad I decided to take Monday off work so that I could catch up on sleep and all the other things I put off during the weekend so I could have fun.

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