Sweet Softball Win and Treadmill Desk Update

by - Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Nothing like a good softball win last night to kick off the week.

Solid softball win tonight

Going in to last night's game, I was a little nervous how we'd fare. We were playing one of the better teams in our division and with the holiday, a lot of our strong hitters couldn't make it.

Thank gosh we have a roster with like 50 people on it, and we were able to scrape together an 11-person squad.

I really need to take some new softball pics so I don't keep recycling last year's

Our starting pitcher was out, which meant I was on the mound and I won't lie, the first inning I was more than a little nervous. It's been a while since I've pitched in a game this season, and while I love pitching, the other team had some big, muscley dudes looking to drive the ball far.

I wasn't trying to give up a million runs and dig my team into a hole in the first inning.

But, I went 1-2-3 in the first, managing to force their #3 hitter to pop out, and that was all it took for my confidence to come back a bit. I take special pride in getting the other team's power hitters to pop out, and I was pretty successful in forcing them to hit the ball high in the air all night.

It helped that the top of our order put up a quick four runs in the bottom half of the inning and never looked back. I think we ended up winning by 8.

Hopefully that bodes well for us for the remainder of the season and we clinch a decent seed in the playoffs.

For those of you who asked for an update on the treadmill desks and how they actually worked yesterday -- they were interesting.

My desk for the day! Why yes that is a treadmill

In total I walked three miles and Emily walked four over the course of the day.

Emily walkin' and workin'

The treadmills were great when I was doing sort of mindless things, like checking email and reading through some stuff. But when I really needed to concentrate on editing or writing, I had to get off the treadmill and sit on one of the stability ball chairs.

It took too much concentration for me to focus on more challenging things while also trying to walk, while also trying to type.

But I love having the treadmill desks as an option to get up and away from my desk and get a little movement in while doing some of the more routine tasks that are part of my job.

So verdict, I wouldn't want a treadmill desk as my only desk, but I'd love to have a few of them in our office that we could use when we wanted to get up and get moving.

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