Graduation, Five Years Ago

by - Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Five years ago today, I graduated from the University of Maryland. I was one of those over-achievers that took a whole bunch of extra classes each semester and ended up graduating a semester early.


I woke up this morning asking myself, "Where has the time gone?"


A lot has happened in those five years, much of it which was chronicled here on the blog.

I got my first job.

Moved to a new town where I didn't know anyone to work as a reporter at a newspaper.

After about a year later, I moved back to DC, for my current job, to be in a great city, to be surrounded by my favorite people.


It's where I've been ever since.

In five years, I've stayed incredibly close with my old friends, while making a bunch of new friends.

I've tried new things, joined new teams, done my best to take advantage of all that DC has to offer.

I've grown a lot.

I left college as a baby, barely 21 years old, eager to jump into the working world and try standing on my own two feet for the first time. I got knocked down plenty of times along the way, but I've always managed to pick myself back up.

Now I confidently stand on my own two feet. I have a job I love, in a city that I now call home. I'm comfortable and happy with where I am in life, but I know there's still tons of growing and learning left to be done.


I can only hope to learn as much from the next five years.

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  1. my 20 year high school reunion is coming up in the spring. and I took 5 years to graduate college thanks to changing majors and going part time for a while. So thanks for making me feel old. Yea those first 5 years out of school are a huge growing curve (like a learning curve about being a grown up) but once you get settled in the next 10 years really level off. Congrats! That's a huge milestone.

  2. <3 Maryland. Can't believe how time fast has gone...and how I didn't know you back then!