League Champs!

by - Monday, December 10, 2012

Yesterday was the championship game in our flag football league, and WE WON!


The game was way, way too close for comfort and emotions were certainly running high on the sidelines. By the end of the game, the other team was screaming a lot -- at us, at each other, just in general. (To be fair, a few people on my team did a fair amount of yelling too.)

There were questionable holding calls, complaints about how fast the QB was being blitzed, really, it was exactly what you would expect in the championship game when everyone wants to win.

We started out a little rocky, and the other team struck quickly. But once we settled down, we got our offense under control, and we were able to move the ball down the field pretty well.

Flag football championship

Every time we'd get a sort of comfortable lead though, the other team would throw a long bomb down the field for a quick touchdown.

Luckily our defense brought their A game yesterday, and managed to force several interceptions, including one toward the end of the second half that was really the game changer.

Flag football championship two

In the end we won by five.

Flag football team

Don't worry guys, I didn't actually play on my stress-fractured foot. I had the super important job of keeping the time for the game, which basically just meant I frantically paced up and down the sidelines willing seconds to tick off the clock faster.

And what better way to celebrate our sweet victory than by drinking out of the trophy?

Celebrating Celebrating two

Yes, that definitely happened.

And just like that, my rec league sports have wrapped up for the year and I can start counting the months until softball season rolls around.

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