Making the Best of It

by - Monday, December 03, 2012

Despite all my whining on Friday about how miserable and frustrated I was with my injury, I was determined to make the best of it this weekend.

It was the first weekend since Labor Day that I was free from football, tailgating and marathon training, and I was beyond excited. Don't get me wrong, I am pretty obsessed with all three of those things, but combining them all this fall meant I had no life outside of them.

Emily Jess and Lauren

And that meant I missed out on seeing some of my non-football friends, and I definitely missed out on the DC social scene more than a little bit.

I kicked off my free weekend with birthday drinks for a friend in Foggy Bottom on Friday night.

Let me tell you, wearing an air cast out and about in DC is kind of a hilarious experience.

Boot and boot
Not the actual outfit I wore, but I did wear that black boot with the air cast

People were extra nice to me on the Metro (something that never happens!) and even nicer at the bar. I didn't get free drinks out of the deal (lame!), but it turns out an air cast is a great conversation starter.

Saturday morning I had to make up a CrossFit Elements class that I missed when I was home for Thanksgiving.


It was just me and one other guy so we got a lot of extra attention and direction on form. My biggest accomplishment of the class was dead-lifting 70 lbs! I was so excited! I don't think I've ever picked up that much weight in my life! My love of CrossFit grows more and more with each class I take.

When I got home, I was definitely feeling the Christmas spirit, and I bought my first ever real Christmas tree. I was excited to bust out my decorations and get my tiny tree all set up. Emily came over, and we blasted Christmas tunes and hung ornaments!

My first real Christmas tree!
Isn't it pretty?

Since it's apparently impossible for me to have a completely Terps-free weekend, and I ended up heading to College Park Saturday night for the soccer team's Elite Eight match-up against Louisville.

Terp soccer
It was freezing!

The Terps won and are headed to the College Cup in Alabama.

Popping bottles
Champagne showers in celebration.

I wrapped up this fantastic weekend with flag football playoffs and a holiday party.

My team won our playoff game, and we're going to the championship game next week.


Don't worry, I didn't play! I can handle lifting weights in CrossFit, but I'm not quite ready to jump back into any sort of running just yet. So I was the official team cheerleader/time keeper. Mainly that just meant I sat on the sidelines stressing out since the game was really close the whole time.

I like to think I made the best of the weekend despite being stuck in an air cast. This injury might be completely messing with my workouts, but I'm definitely not letting it mess with my social life!

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