Pro Compression Socks Review

by - Friday, December 07, 2012

Let's talk about something other than my injury today. Goodness knows I'm plenty sick of talking about it, which means you are all probably plenty sick of hearing about it.

So before I ended up with this stupid injury, I was running a lot. First I trained for the Marine Corps Marathon, then I took a few weeks off and started training for the Rehoboth Beach marathon (which was supposed to be this weekend.)

mile 25.5ish

With all the training, my calves were getting tight all the time, so I was super excited when the awesome people at Pro Compression sent me two pairs of their compression socks to try out.

Obviously, I fell in love with the pink pair.

I mean come on, hot pink socks that go up to my knees, so much win right there!

Trying out my new Pro Compression socks. Obviously love that they are bright pink! #fitfluential #keepittight

I've normally only ever used compression gear for recovery purposes. I have a pair of sleeves that I used during MCM training to flush the crap out of my calves. So when I first got the socks, that's what I stuck with. It felt great to pull them on after runs, and my calves always felt pretty awesome the next day.

But I know a lot of people love running in compression socks. So I decided to test them out on a run when I was home in PA.

Queen of fashion right here with my hot pink compression socks tucked into my capris. #keepittight #fitfluential
Don't they look awesome tucked into my capris?

I just tried them on a short run, so I couldn't really tell if they made a huge difference or not, and I haven't been able to try them on anything longer since I'm hurt.

But I will say they were awesome for recovery.

If you're looking to pick up a pair for yourself or for a fit friend for Christmas, Pro Compression is offering a pretty sweet deal through FitFluential right now. If you use the code FIT40, you can get 40% off your order and free shipping through December 15th.

Do you use compression gear? Do you mainly use it for recovery or do you use it while running too?

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  1. a lot of the people at the ultra last weekend ran in compression socks. Apparently, since you twist your ankles often on trail runs like that it helps flush the pain away faster during the run.

    I need to get some of those. Maybe I'll pick a different color than hot pink. maybe.