Injury Set Back

by - Tuesday, December 04, 2012

I am an impatient person, in life in general, but most especially when it comes to injuries.

When I first get injured, I'm really good at babying the problem area. I rest. I ice. In general I take good care of it so it heals quickly.

Commuting in a massive air cast is kind of a bitch.

But after about a week of that, I get bored of being laid up, especially if I start to see improvements and feel like I'm finally getting better.

And that's when I tend to do really stupid things.

You might see where this is going...

Yes my foot was finally starting to feel better. I could walk on it without many problems, though it still got tired if I spent a lot of time on my feet, so I wore the air cast for extra protection.

Other than that, things were good. I was even managing to do my CrossFit classes without too much of a problem as long as we modified things. No impact, taking it easy on the load-bearing work. Things were great.

CrossFit rings

Yesterday it felt so good, we only had to make small modifications in CrossFit. I thought I was finally out of the woods.

I opted not to wear my air cast this morning because things were so good. By the time I finished walking to the Metro station and got a seat on the train, my foot was not happy. By the time I got to my office, it was angry.

I'm now icing it under my desk. And I'm pissed, annoyed, frustrated and almost cried walking to my office.

Remember this text message?

Don't be stupid

Yea, I'm really bad at the whole "don't be stupid" thing.

So I guess it's back to wearing the air cast for a while longer. Ugh. I'm over this.

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  1. I'm right there with you. ((hugs))

  2. ahrhrhahrhrharhrhhrhrhrghghghghghghghghghgh stop with the air cast necessity. Let it heal. I had a really tough time when the podiatrist said no running for 10 days. But he said some swimming would help. See if you can get into a pool. and have some patience.