CrossFit Throwdown Workouts

by - Thursday, March 07, 2013

Turns out my CrossFit gym is giving all of us a taste of some of the Winter Throwdown workouts even if we didn't compete over the weekend.

Tuesday morning when I checked the blog I saw we'd get the distinct pleasure of doing the snatch/burpee combo.


After seeing just how gassed that left everyone during the throwdown, I knew I was going to be hurting during that workout.

Names redacted because not everyone likes to have their life broadcast on the Internet

Yes sometimes I sass my CrossFit coaches on Facebook.

But I sucked it up, dragged my butt to the gym and get my ass handed to me. Burpees are just the devil.

Still managed to finish in a fairly decent time.

Please note, Wedds and Paul did a completely different workout since they actually participated in the throwdown.

Tonight, we're going to be doing another one of the workouts from the throwdown:

  • Four minutes of rowing (for meters)

  • 15 seconds rest (basically to get off the rower)

  • 1 minute max goblet squats

I'll look forward to not being able to walk on Friday morning.

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