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by - Friday, March 08, 2013

You may have seen all the pv.body apparel reviews floating around the fitness blog world several months ago. The idea was similar to StichFix in that you filled out a style profile, based on your workout clothing style, and they sent you a few pieces that you might like based on what you said.

Not so long ago, the company moved away from distributing other companies' apparel and launched a line of their own called Ellie.

They reached out to me to see if I'd be interested in trying a few pieces from their February line. When I got the February look book, I had a really hard time deciding which pieces to try. They were all super cute.

I eventually decided on the Catch Me If You Can Longsleeve (because helllllo thumbholes!)

catch me if you can longsleeve

And then Kiss Me Capri (because ever since I started doing CrossFit I never seem to have any clean capris)

kiss me capri

When my outfit eventually came, I fell in love with the shirt right away. I couldn't believe how soft it was. So perfect for just lounging around my house on the weekends. The capris were cute too, and they seemed to fit pretty well.

(I find sizing with bottoms to be super iffy and not consistent at all between brands, so I never ever know what size to order in hopes that something will fit.)

Beyond looking cute, I wanted to see how the gear would hold up during an actual workout.

Rocking all my new running gear today. Top and capris by Ellie. Shoes by Saucony. #findyourstrong #virrata #loveellie

Luckily we got a warm day or two a few weeks ago and I was able to run outside in the capris and top.

As soon as I started moving the capris started sliding down a little bit and I found myself hiking them up the entire run. They were slightly too big or the elastic wasn't quite tight enough to keep them in place. (I've tried the mediums and they were slightly too tight. Hate being in between sizes!)

But the shirt performed remarkably well. I wasn't sure how a shirt so soft and lounge-wear-looking would hold up during an intense workout, but it definitely held it's own and did a good job wicking sweat.

I've actually worn the capris to CrossFit several times as well and the slip factor isn't quite as noticeable (mainly only when I'm jumping rope). Otherwise they hold up well through rounds of deadlifts and squats.

It looks like the new March line is out now and I'll definitely be checking it out to see if there are any cute pieces. If you want you can use this discount code to try Ellie out for yourself.

Have you tried Ellie (or pv.body?)

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