Nike Women's Half Training Update

by - Tuesday, March 12, 2013

When I made my training plan for the Nike Women's Half coming up in April, I knew I needed to leave a lot of flexibility because my schedule right now is a little of control. Between work and class and paper grading, I need to be able to shuffle things around.

Baltimore finish
Running happy in Baltimore

So I planned distances for my long runs on the weekends that I knew I could commit to, and left my weekdays fairly flexible with the goal of hitting about three runs per week total.

I've been doing a good job sticking with my long runs. This Sunday I had a seven miler on the training plan, and I was so excited to get outside and run in the gorgeous spring weather we were having.

Of course, first warmish run of the season and I majorly overdressed. I wore Under Armour capris and a short sleeve top with my arm warmers.

Repping my Terps today in the Baltimore half! #beatUVA
This was the outfit I wore (same that I ran Baltimore in this fall)

About a mile in, I was already rolling down the arm warmers. Oops, probably could have done without them.

It felt great to be running outside with the sun shining and a light breeze blowing. It was truly the perfect day for a run.

My legs felt very, very heavy after all the sled pushing I did in CrossFit on Saturday, so my pace was definitely slow.

Sled pushing this morning @CFsilverspring

But I managed to run the whole time except for when I got stuck at traffic lights.

I averaged right around 10 minute miles, slower than before my injury, but ehh well, still not a bad time.

Weekday runs have been trickier for me to manage, but I'm doing the best I can fitting them in when possible.

I'm not planning on breaking any speed records at the Nike Women's Half. I will just be happy to have my distance back.

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  1. Cool, I bet you will be faster than you think out there. Eventually the crossfit will boost your muscular endurance enough to make a difference in your speed.

  2. Ha, I totally overdressed for my weekend run too, but I'll take it - the nice weather felt awesome! I can't wait till it's here to stay. Good luck with the rest of training!

  3. Nice! Cross fit has helped me with my core a lot! I now have incredible balance as well as agility! Nice to see someone else out there enjoying it as much as me! Good luck with the rest of your training!!