Outdoor WODs

by - Monday, March 11, 2013

Waking up the Monday after we "spring forward" is always brutal. When my alarm went off this morning, I was super disoriented and had no clue where I was.

It's day like this when I wish I liked coffee.

But I can handle a little bit of exhaustion because with the changing clocks, DC is also seeing some almost-springlike weather, and I'm so beyond pumped!

We took advantage of the nice weather in CrossFit on Saturday and did our WOD outside.

CrossFit WOD 3-9-13

The workout was four rounds of sled pushes and kettlebell swings.

CrossFit WOD 3-9-13

We worked with partners, so while the first person pushed the sled, the second person did kettlebell swings and then we swapped places.

CrossFit WOD 3-9-13

CrossFit WOD 3-9-13

My partner and I pushed a sled with no added weight. During the first round, I was thinking we probably could have had a little bit of weight on there, but man by the last round, I was very, very glad we didn't.

Sled pushing this morning @CFsilverspring

I also know my form on the kettlebell swings went to shit by round three.

My legs just didn't have it in them to keep popping out of the hinge and swinging the bell, and I was using a fairly light weight.

This workout was hard, and I definitely enjoyed laying on the ground and catching my breath once we finished.

I'm sure I'll regret saying this in a few months when it's a million degrees and humid out, but for now I'm really looking forward to doing more of our WODs outside. It adds a nice bit of variety to things.

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  1. This weekend was incredible..so nice to feel spring in the air! I love doing CF outdoors. Well, anything outdoors is better than in, as far as I am concerned!

  2. It was so sunny and warm outside yesterday, just beautiful. So cool that you got to wod like that!

  3. This is why I'm not well-suited for Crossfit: Me + a Kettleball + nearby cars = disaster.