Congrats to my Dad!!

by - Friday, January 31, 2014

After more than 35 years with the same company, my dad is retiring today!

Rehoboth 2013
Me, Mom, Dad and my Aunt Marybeth at the beach in July

He'll head into the office for the last time to hand in his badge, do the HR thing and then ride off into retirement sunset.

(Or more like immediately start reporting to his new boss, aka my mom, who has a long list of things for him to do around the house -- like ripping up carpet and putting hard wood floors in my parent's living room.)

Either way, I'm super excited for my dad. I know he's been looking forward to retirement for a while now.

Dads navy ID
This is my Dad at 18, when he was in the Navy

After years of constantly being on the road at client sites both foreign and domestic and wracking up a million frequent flier miles -- which he then let my brother and I use for fun trips -- he deserves some down time.

Family in Philly
Family tailgate in Philly

I know my dad has plans to do some volunteer work and spend some more time on the golf course when the weather gets nicer...and perhaps maybe run some more races.

Family in Baltimore
Family in Baltimore

And he's even planning a trip to Maryland in the coming weeks -- but not, you know, to visit me, his daughter. Nope, he's coming to visit the twins.

He sent me an email that basically said, "Hey, I'm coming to Maryland to see the twins. Hope you can make some time to see us..." Ha thanks Dad.

Hanging out with my favorite little Terp twins.

Guess I can't blame him. They're cuter than me.

So congrats Dad! I hope you have a long and happy retirement...and don't drive Mom too crazy!

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  1. Laura3:07 AM

    Nice post! Congrats Uncle Frank!! ;)

  2. Fun post! :) Congrats to your dad!

  3. YEAHHH for him!!! My Dad was supposed to retire in November but decided to work just until this spring when they sell their house!