RIP Crock Pot and Foot News

by - Thursday, January 23, 2014

As much as I love the ability to work from home, after three days cooped up in my apartment -- seeing no one other than the guy at my front desk -- I decided I needed to get out of the house yesterday for work. I'm an extrovert and I need to be around people.

So I took my home office and moved it to Panera, where I drank many mugs of warm tea and settled in for the day.

Moving the home office to Panera today. After 3 days of work in my apartment, this extrovert needs to see other humans.

The change of scenery was nice.

Unfortunately when I got home from Panera, I walked in to a disaster in my kitchen.


RIP Crock Pot :(

Maintenance had been in my apartment during the day to fix a light switch issue in my bathroom, and I'm guessing when they slammed the door shut as they were leaving, the rattling knocked my Crock Pot out of the dryer rack on my counter and sent it crashing to the floor.

I literally wanted to cry. I love my Crock Pot more than any other kitchen appliance I own since I use it pretty much every single week to make dinner. After being irrationally sad, I hopped on the Interwebz and ordered myself a new one. I will have it tomorrow -- just in time to make more delicious food for the upcoming week. Seriously, I don't know how I'd survive without it.

In other news, yesterday after work I also had my doctor's appointment for my foot.

I'm getting pretty used to this routine by now. Fill out a bunch of papers, explain pain, go do some X-rays, pray it's not broken.


And hey this time, it's actually not a stress fracture! Whooo!

Instead it's a wicked case of plantar fascitiis. My doc said it's most likely tied to my extremely tight calves. No matter how much I stretch them, I can't seem to get them loose, and since everything down there is all connected, she thinks the tightness in my calves is causing the tightness in my foot.

So she set me up with some stretches and other exercises to do for the next 4-6 weeks that should help, and conveniently I already had a sports massage scheduled for tonight for my back, so I can just ask my massage therapist to spend some extra time on my calves as well.

My doctor also suggested I get some inserts for both my running and regular shoes to help support my arch and absorb some of the shock and pressure.

So I guess we'll see what happens. Here's hoping the exercises and stuff pay off!

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  1. Good luck with the exercises. I hope they work for you! I can't believe they broke your crock pot...what a bummer.

  2. I had a 7 month long horrible experience with plantar fascitiis. I highly recommend icing regularly and stretching your foot regularly-dropping your heels off a stair helps a lot :) Also, KT tape has an application for PF and it helps a lot! Have your massage therapist massage the plantar fasciia as well, that also helps :) Lastly, rolling the plantar fasciia on a tennis ball hurts, but makes it a lot better. Attack aggressively and it will go away a lot faster than mine did! :)

  3. That is a total bummer about the crockpot. I would be extremely upset too since I use my crockpot all the time! Do you have any good recipe suggestions?

    Good luck with the stretches. I hope they help your foot to feel better!

  4. Liska2:15 AM

    Another PF tip - if you can figure out a way to sleep with your calf and foot stretched out, it really helps. Normally, when you sleep, you end up pointing your toes which allows your PF and calves to contract and tighten for 8 hours straight - bad! If you can keep everything extended all night long, it really helps! They sell socks and braces and such (google Strassburg sock) but I never had much luck with them -- they are uncomfortable and either I would rip them off in the middle of the night because they hurt or my foot would wiggle loose and end up pointed in the wrong position by the morning. But on the advice of another runner, I put a large heavy pillow (I've used a bedpillow, but a sofa cushion or big throw pillow would work as well) under the covers where my feet go and brace my sore foot against it, trying to keep my calf muscle extended and foot flexed with my toes stretched back towards my shin -- it REALLY made a huge difference. I roll around and I'm sure I don't spend the whole night with my foot in the right spot, but I rouse enough to realize I moved and put my foot back against the pillow a couple times a night and it really helps. You might try it -- it's free and easy and I've found it to work better than all the PT/massage/stretching I tried! (Arch supports do help as well, as does this thing called the "North American Healthcare Foot Rocker" which you can find on amazon for $10.) Good luck!!!

  5. Try to do more toe push-up, (straight, pigeon toe, duck toe) when you get back, but just make sure you don't ever go barefoot, even to the bathroom in the morning, flip flops/sandals something... The stuff Liska said is spot on during the night. Good Luck.

  6. I have a crockpot that I've never used...I keep meaning too but never get around to trying it! Any favorite recipes to share??