My Longest Run Since June

by - Monday, January 13, 2014

So training for the Shamrock Half Marathon was supposed to start on January 6, but I was having some more problems with my feet, and I was afraid I'd somehow developed yet another stress fracture, even though I haven't been running much at all.


I decided instead of risking yet another injury that would sideline me for a few months, I'd give it a few days and see if some rest helped.

Luckily it seemed to, so even though I'm now starting training a week later than I wanted to, I'm fairly certain my feet are going to be OK. (Or at least I'm really hoping they are.)

After the polar vortex peaced out, DC was gifted some pretty nice weather on Sunday, and I was excited to head out for a run in just capris and a long sleeve shirt.

Longest run since June! And decent speed too! #running #fitsnap

My original plan was to just do three miles and see how my feet felt. But since everything felt good and the weather was gorgeous, I just kept going. In the back of my mind, I knew I was supposed to run six miles as part of the training plan, so I decided to see how six miles would feel.

I'm super happy to report the run went way better than I expected!

I haven't run more than three miles since June, when I was sideline with my second stress fracture, so I was really worried that my speed and endurance were going to be garbage.

But I ran faster than I expected, and while I was tired when I finished, and my legs are a little sore today, overall, I held up really well over the longer distance. (It amazes me that right now I'm calling six miles a longer distance, when just a year ago, I was running 20 milers to train for a marathon.)

Six miles

Yesterday's run was a nice little confidence boost that maybe, just maybe, I will actually be able to have a decent race in Virginia Beach in March. I'm not trying to break any time goals, but I was getting really nervous that I would not be able to run a good race and that my endurance just wouldn't bounce back.

Here's hoping my feet stay healthy, and I can make it through a training cycle without another injury!

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  1. Glad you had a good one and were able to enjoy the weather. Injury plays such a trick on the head, doesn't it? I hope you are good to go.