Best Spin Instructor and a New Training Buddy

by - Monday, February 10, 2014

Saturday was an awesome success at the gym.

First, I think I finally found the best spin instructor that teaches there. Her playlist absolutely rocked, and I found myself singing along to every song that came on. She yelled a lot, but in an encouraging, not mean way, which is the way I like my spin instructors.

They have to be loud and have a lot of energy or else I'm not going to push myself very hard in the class.

She also had a lot of variety in what we did. We were in and out of the saddle a lot doing a mix of sprints and hills. By the end of the class, I knew hands down that I had gotten the best spin workout yet since I joined the gym.

I keep meaning to wear my heart rate monitor to class so I can compare how hard one class is in relation to another, but I keep forgetting.

The other reason Saturday was such a great success at the gym was because I met a new training buddy!

A kid sitting a few bikes over from me had on a shirt from a tri I'm thinking about doing this summer, so after class I was asking him about it, and in the course of our conversation, I found out he's training for Ironman Texas and was always up for someone to swim, bike and run with.

Not that I will be doing anything near his volume of training, but it will be nice to have someone to bike with when the weather gets nice and someone to convince me to get back in the pool.

Plus, when it's early in the morning and it's cold and you told someone you'd meet them at the gym at a certain time, it'd be a really dick move to not show up. So, three cheers for motivation by way of guilt.

The rest of the weekend wasn't so bad either. I watched the Opening Ceremonies, the Terps actually won their basketball game on Saturday and I managed to get all my students' papers graded without too much extra stress.

How was your weekend?

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