On a Scale of One to Dumb...

by - Thursday, February 27, 2014

I sent this email to a few of my runner friends yesterday to gauge their opinions, and I thought I'd post it here so you could all share your collective wisdom with me.

Back story: In July, I signed up to run the Shamrock half marathon with friends. At the time I thought all my foot woes would be behind me. In reality, we know that hasn't been the case. We're about three weeks out from the race, my foot is starting to feel better and I'm starting to get the burning desire to toe the starting line again.

And that brings us to the email:

So on a scale of one to I would be a complete and total moron, where do you think me still trying to run Shamrock falls?

I haven't been able to run much the last month+ as you all know. But I've been spinning regularly 2-4 times per week and last weekend I did 2 hours of spin followed by a 4.5 mile run without any problems....so endurance-wise I'm OK.

Foot-wise...it's doing kind of better...but still has moments of hurting like a B.

If I don't run to race....and just you know try to finish...would it still be really stupid?

Share your insights and wisdom!

So my wonderful Internet runner friends, what say you? Would I be a stupid fool for trying to do this?

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  1. Don't do it! Races are never worth it if it means a setback after all this time off for injury.

  2. I totally understand wanting to get back to the starting line...and missing the race atmosphere. Being part of that community will remind you part of why you love running.

    I'd say to do it, but only because the time cut-off is so generous at Shamrock. People walk the whole thing. My only concern would be if walking (which probably doesn't cause any pain) would be different over a great distance. Maybe clear some time this weekend to walk the Rock Creek trail from Silver Spring to downtown. If even walking hurts after a bunch of miles, then I'd change my mind.

  3. Kelli5:57 AM

    To play a little devil's advocate, I don't think it would be THAT bad if you went ahead and ran.
    1 - I think you should definitely go for the weekend anyways, because you signed up with friends and it's a fun weekend (my family and I run it every year).
    2 - I've had plantar fasciitis and run a marathon through it; it didn't bother me much while I ran (or during training runs), but hurt a lot afterwards. The difference being that I don't think I did any more damage to it, just irritated the crap out of it. So it hurt for a little while, then healed. So you may set yourself back a bit, but it's not like running through a knee injury or hamstring tear (I've done both of those too...).

    You can always make it a last minute decision; go to the expo, pick up your packet, then decide Saturday night if you are going to jump in or not.

    (of course, if your foot hurts enough to change your stride, then don't run a half marathon on it, you'll end up hurting something else. My foot always loosened up in the first mile or two, then didn't hurt again til I stopped, so my stride wasn't affected.)

    Good luck, whatever you decide!

  4. It would not be the stupidest thing a runner ever did - see my story below! But my initial reaction is to say don't run it and defer this one until next year. That is probably the safest (and most undesirable) option. But I understand how we runners are! ;) Your foot is starting to feel better, that's great! But it still hurts sometimes, which might mean it still needs more time before taking on 13.1? Do you want to put this injury away for good? Would you be kicking yourself if you did run and set yourself back more? If you must go, then I think Zach has good advice about walking - maybe walk half of it or more?

    I am currently injured - not the same situation as yours, but I, too, am signed up for Shamrock - the full marathon, my first one. I had very mild knee pain last week of January that got worse over a week, and on February 2, I went out to run a 20 miler. The knee pain struck early in the run, around mile 2. I pushed through, thinking it would go away - it did not. It got worse and I kept going, even when it was becoming excrutiating! My knee was giving out, pain was shooting downward, and I was 4 miles from my workplace. I jogged/hobbled/walked back from there - 11 miles total! I totally regret this now - literally a painful lesson to learn. Now I have to defer my race, have done 2 weeks of physical therapy that has not helped, and I need a MRI next week. I have no idea when I will get to run again! I wanted to do other races in May and MCM....now everything is uncertain.

    Good luck!