Run for Another - A Janji Review

by - Wednesday, February 12, 2014

One of the things I've always loved about the running community is how dedicated people are to giving back.

It seems like every major race these days has several charity partners, and individual runners can sign up to train and run with groups for charity.

There are races that exist solely for the purpose of remembering or honoring someone who has died, where funds earned from the race are used to support that person's family or donated to research into their cause of death.

I've always thought that made the running community unique and something that I was proud to be a part of.

So when Dave, one of the co-founders of Janji, reached out to me to tell me a little bit about his company, I was definitely interested in learning more.

Janji is a running apparel company that provides food and water to those in need.

Runners require proper hydration and ample nutrition to train, run 5Ks and finish marathons. At the same time, millions of people around the world lack the basic necessities for survival.

We can change that.

Through each purchase of Janji’s distinctive running apparel, a portion of proceeds funds organizations that are alleviating the worst problems related to food and water. By funding solutions and raising awareness through our apparel, Janji wants to create a nation of runners that run for another and eliminate the global food and water crisis.

Janji offers all the basic apparel a runner would need -- a variety of tops and bottoms in different colors, cuts and styles.

Dave sent me a long sleeve top and a pair of shorts from the Rwanda collection to try out.


Each top or bottom that Janji offers is part of a collection based on the country the sale of that item supports.

The sale of my outfit would help fight malnutrition in Rwanada. For each piece of Rwanda apparel sold, a child receives three days of medical treatment for malnutrition.


Janji provides support to several other countries where people are struggling with access to food or water, including here at home in the United States.

Something about the mission of this company really struck a cord with me. I buy tons of workout gear every year, and will truthfully admit, I don't really think about where that money goes. It's nice to know that there's a company where I can buy high-quality running gear that does something positive with that money to help another person.

And as for my thoughts on the gear, I have to say, I love it. I can't believe how soft the fabric is. I could wear this stuff every day to knock around the house.


But it also performs really well in the gym. I love the wide waistband on the shorts, and the long-sleeve top has thumbs, which is my favorite feature in long-sleeve running tops.

Check out Janji and its mission and all the great gear they offer on the company's website.

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