What I use to rock out at the gym

by - Tuesday, February 25, 2014

When I joined the gym, I quickly realized, I didn't really have any way to listen to my music while I was lifting.

On runs, I would shove my phone into my fuel belt with my key and ID, but I wasn't going to wear the belt at the gym, I'd look like a complete goon.

So I experimented with shoving my phone down my sports bra, sticking it in the waistband of my capris, etc. Obviously none of these methods worked very well because as soon as I moved the phone would go crashing to the floor of the weight room.

Not ideal.

Conveniently as I was going through my "how the heck am I going to listen to music while lifting" crisis, the folks at Fitletic reached out to me to see if I wanted to test out one of their phone-holder armbands.


Perfect timing friends!

The armband is great because it keeps my phone safe and out of my way. Plus it's not bulky so it doesn't get in the way of my movements.

But what's really made the whole listening to music while lifting thing more ideal is the new Sol Republic Relay headphones I've been testing out.


These headphones are probably the best I've ever used. The sound quality is amazing and they do a great job blocking out the sounds of grunting men and weights being slammed to the floor at the gym.

But my favorite feature of the headphones is a little clip they have near the earbuds. It's such a simple feature, but I love that I can clip the cord to my top so it stays out of the way while I'm lifting.


Whoever designed that is a genius. The cord doesn't dangle in my face every time I bend to pick up a weight. I don't get all tangled in it every time I change the way I move. It is seriously the best.

Plus I love the awesome blue color.

The headphone are available to be ordered from Verizon. They're $79.99, which is normally a lot more than I'd ever pay for headphones.


I'm usually the $10-cheapest I can find headphone purchaser, but I guess headphones are a you get what you pay for kind of thing. My other headphones have been crap in terms of sound quality, their ability to stay in my ears, etc.

These Relays have been amazing and a huge upgrade.

Between the new headphones and the armband, I've been able to listen to my jams without a problem at the gym. It's nice to listen to what I want and not some of the other rather unpleasant gym sounds.

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