Two Hours in the Saddle

by - Monday, February 17, 2014

My foot is still being a giant pain, and I'm really starting to question this plantar fasciitis diagnosis I got. I might try to get an appointment with a podiatrist for a second opinion.

But in the meantime, I've been trying to keep active as best as I can.

I'm getting in to a semi-regular schedule at the gym, spinning a few times a week for my cardio and then following my strength training plan the other days of the week.

Post-spin gym selfie. #latergram
Gym locker-room selfie

On Saturday, I met up with my new gym buddy (the one training for Ironman Texas) to get in a nice long spin. His plan called for four hours in the saddle, which sounds pretty dreadful if you ask me, but I decided to join him for the first two hours.

My gym has back-to-back spin classes on Saturday morning, so I showed up at 8 for the first class -- which I have to say was a terrible class. I really don't like the instructor, her attitude, her music or really anything about her at all. Her classes are just not fun.

I took it pretty easy through that first class, using it mainly as a warm-up for the second hour.

The second class was taught by my favorite spin instructor -- the one with awesome music, excellent drills and an all-around happy and encouraging attitude.

My legs were feeling good after the first hour, so I pushed it hard in the second hour of class.

By the time my two hours in the saddle were done, I was a sweaty mess and my butt hurt big time because I hadn't worn my tri shorts. That was a poor decision on my part when I knew I was going to be on a bike for that long.

The shorts I should have worn.

The class was a good workout though and a reminder that somewhere deep down I still have some endurance left. It might not be on the running front, but at least it exists.

I felt bad for my gym buddy, who still had two more hours of biking and 30 minutes of running to go when I was leaving for the day. Ironman training just sounds brutal.

What workouts did you fit in this weekend?

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