Good news, bad news

by - Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Good News: My laptop came last night!
Bad News: It took a lot of tries before it finally accepted the password for the wireless network.

Good News: My thyroid levels are totally fine.
Bad News: Other levels are not so fine and I have to go for another blood test next week. Boo!

My new laptop is awesome and I love it. I uploaded my music last night. Took forever, but it's done. Just need to recreate all of my playlists in iTunes.

Had the follow up doc appointment today to go over bloodwork from last week. Almost all of my levels were freakin' awesome, including but not limited to iron, cholesterol, triglycerides and thyroid. Unfortunately a very key one was not in a happy place, which means I have to get another test done to see if it was some sort of a fluke.

Yea, I'm not looking forward to it.

So as not to freak anyone out, fluke or not, I'm still healthy and fine. I'd most likely just need to make a few dietary changes to correct things.

Blech I'm so not looking forward to getting stabbed in the arm again though.

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  1. So it's like a re-take. I'm sure you'll pass with flying colors!

  2. Good news. It will be a fluke!! Grin and bear it chica! You are tough!!

  3. I hope the next set of bloodwork goes fine!

  4. Cool on getting the laptop set up.

    I hope the follow up bloodwork shows some great numbers and it was just a fluke thing.

  5. Alright!! Way to get that laptop all hooked up and ready for business :-)

    Crossing my fingers for the next test to come out all good :-)

  6. Sorry you have to get another test. :<(