This run powered by carbs

by - Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I got in a most glorious run last night. It was 3.8 miles in 38 minutes and change and I finished with some lunges, squats and agility drills that I learned in PT.

And I felt great.

Probably because I ate the bread bowl at Panera that my soup came in during lunch. My muscles were singing the praises of carbs and were so glad to have them back after the little hiatus I took from them during the last week of PT.

This is my longest run to date since I've been injured and I was really pleased with it.

I know I'm supposed to be going to the gym to lift, but I just haven't yet. It's been so nice out that I don't want to spend time in the gym. That's bad, I know, and I need to get back to it and I will. But for now I'm OK with sticking with some of the exercises they showed me that don't require the weight machines.

3.8 miles 38:and something

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  1. yay awesome run!!!! so glad your knee is getting better. gotta love the carbs before running :)

  2. Great job on the run! Glad to hear that the injury is healing up well.

  3. "And I felt great."

    That says it all! Great job, Jess!

  4. If it's beautiful outside, just do what you love on those days. The gym will be there when the weather changes. :)

  5. Great run!
    SO glad that you are feeling so good.
    Carbs just rule...If I ever had to give them up I would die...really, die!
    Love the jersey too!!!!
    Take Care

  6. Mmm. Carbs. After years of doing the typical girl watching your carbs thing, I totally enjoy every carb my body consumes. YUM!

  7. Yeah for a good run.
    I have not been to the regular gym in forever. Still paying for the darn membership. I really really need to get back to some lifting. After this marathon, probably.

  8. Great jon with the run!!! Carbs are the bomb diggity! I feel ya on not wanting to be inside at all, I haven't been "in" the gym forever!

  9. YAY!!! That is great to hear!!