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by - Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Quick PT update: It's official, this is my last week! Whooo hooo! Parttttay over here!!! (No for real I'm going to need to find a way to celebrate this. Maybe with a nice run at the end of the week when I'm officially done!)

In other fun news, I'm a big lover of social media/social networking and I've been lax with sharing my linkys with you.

If you've checked out my sidebar lately, you'll notice that I've added my Facebook info, but for those of you who read me through an RSS feed (duh that's like everyone) here's some links.

You know you want to Facebook friend me.

Or if not, you'll at least want to follow me on Twitter.

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  1. I am interested in twitter! Sounds so much fun from what I have seen!

  2. Sounds LIKE so much fun I mean!

  3. Ok chica! I just asked for your approval. I'm never on there though LOL

  4. I just facebooked ya! Wahoo!

    I think you should be celebrating your PT graduation for sure. Take a nice run, and then grab a cold one with the girls !:)

  5. you have a friend request coming from me!
    take care

  6. I'm one of the few that keeps a big long link list and clicks through rather than the RSS feed.

    Congrats on being almost done with PT. WoooooT

  7. Anonymous2:59 PM

    So glad the PT is ending! Now back to normalcy - right? :)

    I'm always up for new FB friends! :)

  8. Congrats on finishing up PT! And I think you're right about the destination racing... was just a difficult decision because the flight was relatively cheap compared to a typical cost ($800 or so).

  9. You should have a PT Graduation Party! Class of 2008, congrats!

  10. I facebook friended you! : )