Weekend round up

by - Monday, August 04, 2008

My mom and I went to Baltimore this weekend to check out the Body Worlds 2 exhibit at the science center.

It was the coolest thing ever.

The Body World's exhibits are the ones that use real cadavers to show how all the parts of the part fit and work together. I was fascinated.

As a runner, it was really neat to see all the little tendons and muscle fibers that engage to make me run.

As an injured runner, it was fascinating to see the knee displayed with all of the parts the influence it. I could see exactly the areas where I am having problems and see all the muscles that affect it. It was really eye-opening to be able to see exactly what I've been working to improve in PT right in front of my eyes like that.

In other news, I got in a short run Sunday morning. It was only two miles for a few reasons. First off, it was warm when I left and very sunny. Second off, I've been really trying to watch what I've been eating while injured because I'm not burning as many calories so I shouldn't be eating as many either. As a result, I've gone kind of low carb for the past week because I wanted to see if cutting down on carbs really made that big of a difference in the speed of weight loss. Turns out it sort of does, but it also has major negative affects on running.

My legs were so super heavy and my muscle felt so dead tired because they had nothing fueling them that I couldn't push past those two miles. Physically I was running on empty.

In some ways that may be positive for my recovery...as in, it physically won't let me push myself too far so I will avoid more injury. But running like that sucks.

So I'll do the low carb thing for the rest of this week, while I'm still in PT and should still be keeping my runs short. Then after that I'm going to be adding the carbs back to fuel my runs. And I'm hoping I'll be released from PT at the end of this week, which would line up perfectly with the end of the low carb phase and my increased workouts.

2 miles, 21:something

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  1. I really wanted to see the Body exhibits but never got the chance. Sounds kind gross, but mostly amazing.

    Hope your knee heals up soon. Low carb diets, though effective, suck patootie. :)

  2. Oooohhhh I soooooo would love to see that! I'm not sure if I'd throw up or what LOL

  3. Congrats on getting a run in, no matter how short. Good luck getting better.

  4. I would love to see the exhibit, but my husband is grossed out by it, and no one I know is that interested in going.

  5. I prefer to believe I am made of steel and wiring. And these parts can be easily replaced.

  6. sounds like a great weekend! good job getting the 2 miles in too! its a run no matter how long :) hope the knee keeps feeling better!

  7. the body exhibits sound very interestin! Nice job on the run!

  8. This is a great opportunity for you to build your body back up the way you want it. Keep working it, chica! You are doing fab!!