She hit the flo'

by - Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Next thing ya know, Jess passed out and had to be revived.

Ok clearly my lyrics aren't as rockin' as Flo Rida's, but they more accurately sum up what happened to be at the doctor's this morning.

Yesterday my doctor ordered me to get some blood work done to test my thyroid levels. Two years or so ago, when I was tested for mono, my thyroid levels came back borderline low and my doc at the time said he could have put me on the medicine but opted not to.

Lately, I've been thinking I need to get rechecked. I've been experiencing some of the symptoms that are associated with it so this morning I went to get the blood work done.

I have always been terrified of needles and often break out in cold sweats and start hyperventilating a little bit when I have to get blood drawn or get shots.

But this morning I was super calm. I read my book in the waiting room, got a little nervous as the nurse first stuck me, but closed my eyes and was doing OK.

Or so I thought...

Next thing I know, I hear all these people calling my name and I'm trying to figure out why people are being so loud. Can't they tell I'm asleep in my bed? They are interrupting my really great soccer dream featuring one of my favorite players.

Sooo turns out I'm not in my bed at all, but in a chair in a lab with a bunch of nurses huddled around me calling my name. I'm really disoriented when I wake up because the first thing I say is "Where am I?"

Then I realize right away and one of the nurses asks me if I know my last name, which I did.

And then it alllll comes back to me and I realize that if I just passed out that means they probably need to re-do the blood stuff. So I ask if that's the case and get an affirmative answer.

My response, "Oh crap."

The nurses were really nice about everything though and I apologized profusely for passing out. I've never ever ever done that before and it scared the be-jesus out of me. The second time they got everything they needed and I babbled the whole time to the nurse about how sorry I was.

I've felt really shaky at work the entire rest of the day. One of the nurses suggested getting some sugar in my system and keep it going steadily throughout the day. So I had Poptarts from the vending machine with a Gatorade for breakfast and then a little piece of birthday cake in the afternoon with my salad for lunch and then three pieces of salt water taffy for about an hour ago.

I have some FroYo at home that I'm definitely going to treat myself to after I eat dinner tonight. I'm not expecting to drop any huge numbers this week in the Worth the Weight challenge, but life happens and I've got other weeks to work on it.

So right, as if that didn't make my day crappy enough, my soccer boys lost this morning and got eliminated from the Olympics. Seriously, I wake up at 5 a.m. to watch them get a red card in the third minute, play a man down the rest of the game and then lose. Ugh! Talk about major frustration. (P.S. In my passed out dream, I was definitely dreaming that we won the game lol lol!) (P.P.S. You can catch more of my work blog about the soccer game here.)

Needless to say, I will not be doing any running tonight. I'm still not feeling that fabulous.

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  1. Sorry for the US soccer loss. I saw the end of the game and it sucked.

    But passing out with the needle? That really sucks!

  2. OMG, passed out? How scary is that?!

  3. Yea, I hate needles too! Funny how much you can dream in such a short time. I dreamed that the American men were actually a good soccer team!! ROFL!!!

  4. I used to be like that about needles too. I remember waking up on the floor of the doctor's office a couple of times.

  5. I used to pass out randomly, but not even just when I was getting my blood drawn. One time I took my dog to the vet and they had to draw HER blood and I passed out! Scary. Glad you're okay now.

  6. eeeek.

    I don't thinkI've ever passedout at the dr office or lab, but it's happened to me in very inconvenient places. At least you were surrounded by nurses!

  7. Anonymous10:04 PM

    bad passed out. good came up with an extremely clever headline!!

  8. Oh wow! I hope the bloodwork comes out okay. Thankfully I have only passed out once in my life.

  9. Seems like they could've just opened you up and took the blood they needed while you were passed out. Insensitive bastards.

  10. oh my gosh! SCARY! glad you are ok now!

  11. Oh crappity crap. That sucks. I passed out once after giving blood, but after I DROVE and was waiting in line for food. BAM hit the floor. Now I'm paranoid everytime they want to take my blood. It's scary. I guess just make sure to bring some OJ or a cookie with you next time.

    I hope everything is ok.

  12. Oh boy!!! That is scary! I am glad you are ok now! I have low thyroid if yours comes back low and you want to talk. LOL

  13. Girl, that is crazy! I am late catching up on your blog, and I missed all this "excitement", getting blood taken sucks! At least you got to have Pop Tarts!